Obtained IATF 16949: 2016 from DQS Germany

Obtained ISO 9001 : 2015 from DQS Germany

- Certified ISO9001 The quality of the Year 1383
- Certified ISOTS / 16949 The specific quality management system in the automotive industry 1383
- Standard certification for the bolts to the separation of Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran since 1386
- [Grade B company has design, engineering and supply of automotive components ( SAPCO ) Since the beginning of cooperation
- Grade B [a parts supply company Saipa ( Sazeh gostar ) Since the beginning of cooperation
- Bolt-member Iranian filmmakers
- A laboratory equipped with a variety of testing equipment such as bolts :
- 1_ Type hardness of Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers
- 2_Device To measure tensile strength, yield strength, percent elongation
- 3_Qablyt Metallographic tests
- 4_The corrosion resistance of the coating _4_Andaz·h ( Salt Spray )
- 5_Size A micron-precision dimensional measurement device VMS
- Digital torque-meter
- Go-go gauges with a variety of classes clearance 4h / 6h / 6e / 6g for bolt clearance classes 6G / 4H / 6H for nut
- With automatic machines Sorting and troubleshooting bolt dimensions and mechanical properties of (Eddy current)
- And many special tools and test fixtures and Bolts Vehicle Safety