A short word with CEO

We are proud that through our strategic activities we have been able to earn our customers satisfaction by providing ideal services,we have achieved a recognition and a recognizable place within the bolts & nuts industries and through up to date technical knowledge in line with recent achievements,pars pitch co. has been successfully recognized as one of the leading producers in Iran .

Also this company has managed to help playing an important role in our beloved nations independence.

with a clear vision and great achievements within the automobile manufacturing industry and with the high demands of leading automobile manufacturing companies such as Iran khodaro & saipa and other such companies we have been encouraged to take steps in setting up and providing state of the art products since 1995 coinciding with the establishment of Sapco company.

No doubt this would not have been possible without matching & adapting to up to date standards within the automobile industry.

Therefore  in line with necessary ongoing steps have been taken regarding quantitative & qualitative expansions,thus in turn has named this company as one of the three leading companies within this sector. It is this view that makes economic organization justifiable and sets out specific qualitative & quantitative goals.

The correct understanding of customers needs and striving the fulfill these needs. improving the quality of productions using up to date technologies within all aspects of productions & development. Providing ideal work environment for staff & increasing collaborative group work. Full commitment to national rules & regulations and other agreements which the company has accepted.

Regular staff training through out the work force.

Supervision of qualitative & quantitative performance in the direction of improvement.

Recognizing opportunities for improvement of quality to increase.

With the help of god and our increasing customer satisfaction,using our  technical abilities with the knowledge and support,we hope to become successful in this difficult journey.